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RPM Device Logistics

Impilo provides full-service turnkey logistics for remote patient monitoring devices, so you can focus on efficient care delivery and quality patient outcomes.

RPM Procurement

Device procurement

Order RPM devices from our vetted list of FDA-approved providers.

We warehouse your inventory for you.

Direct to Patient Shipping

Two-way shipping logistics

Direct to patient shipping and device returns. No more running shipping from a crowded backroom or home office.

Device Expert Support

Technical support

Our team are experts in device setup & operations. You can focus on patient care, not patient tech support.

We manage vendor relationships, warehouse your inventory, fulfill orders, and ship direct to patients or practices.

Remote care device logistics, simplified

Impilo Warehouse
Impilo Warehouse Scanning

Focus on patient care

Impilo is your device management partner. We handle the messy parts of procurement, logistics, inventory, support, and device kitting across manufacturers.

Grow your practice

Focus on growing your patient roster and clinical care capacity. Impilo allows you to focus on your clinical priorities instead of operations.

Custom device kitting

We bundle devices from different manufacturers into a single package that is customizable with your branding and inserts.

Easy to get started

It is easy and economical to get up-and-running with Impilo.

RPM Devices

Impilo's device catalog

Impilo works directly with device vendors to connect you with the best selection and pricing. Data integrations are available for the leading device vendors, with additional integrations available upon request.

Impilo is DME accredited, allowing us to handle, procure, and support different types durable medical equipment.

Access bulk and wholesale pricing in the Impilo app.

Impilo's selection includes all of the leading RPM devices and manufacturers.
and more...

What our clients are saying:

Impilo Customer

"Impilo has streamlined our procurement process and allowed our Remote Care patients to receive a unified delivery of all their medical devices along with our customized, branded connection guides. Impilo takes care of it all, and allows our staff to focus on delivering great care to our patients."

Patrick Boyd
Head of Operations, Brook Health
Impilo Patient

"After discovering severely elevated readings at home [Via an Impilo provisioned device], a patient sought immediate medical assistance which led to a significant life-saving medical intervention!"

SMBP Program
Patient, Aledade

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