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Unified RPM Device Data

Get all your patient RPM data in one place. Better visibility, better client care.

Impilo web dashboard

View all your patient data through the Impilo dashboard, or use our API feed directly to your internal platform.

Impilo Infrastructure

EHR integrations

Integrate our platform with your existing EHR and workflows via our API & SDK, with custom integrations available upon request.

Real-time data

Get real-time patient data, biometric alerting, device status monitoring & connectivity alerts.


Get patient and device lifecycle reports and trend insights.

Get data from the most popular RPM devices and manufacturers, unified into one common data format.

and more...
Impilo Integration Support

We are integration specialists

Our team is here to integrate with all EHRs and digital health platforms. We can support your integration by API, SDK, and more. We have experience integrating with most major EHR platforms: EPIC, Cerner, eClinical Works, Canvas, Healthie and more!

RPM Devices

Impilo takes IT / Data Security and patient privacy seriously.

Our platform is HIPAA compliant, we are willing to sign Business Associate Agreements, and we are also undergoing SOC 2 Type 2 Audit through Vanta.

Learn how care providers are using Impilo unified RPM data

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