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Top Smart Weight Scale 2024

Updated: Mar 7

Whether you are underweight, overweight, or just a few pounds from your ideal body everyone struggles to figure out if their eating habits or exercise regimen will get them there. It's obvious that the most convenient way to find out one’s weight is through a weight scale. But how can one accurately measure their weight change over time? Or better yet keep their doctor up to date on the latest change in their patient’s weight in the quickest time possible? The answer is a simple and smart upgrade from a regular weight scale to a smart weight scale.

A smart weight scale can measure one’s current weight and whatever changes that will happen throughout their journey to a better body. Furthermore, that data can be given to their doctor in an instant via software to give advice and feedback on their weight loss journey.

How it works:

One can either: 1) use a cellular connected device, in which no device or app is needed OR 2) Use a Wi-Fi / Bluetooth device through a smartphone. In this case one is required to download the needed app to sync the device. Once synced either through cellular signal or a smartphone, the device will store a history of precise changes to your bodyweight and give a detailed chart of any chance. These smart scales connect through the cloud to your healthcare provider.

What to know:

First and foremost will be the Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). BMR measures the amount of calories a person needs on a daily basis ranging from 1600+ calories for men and 1400 calories for women. BMR will be a key factor on how much weight the body either gains or loses through a person’s weight journey by setting a realistic calorie limit for their body.

Second is body mass index (BMI), which is calculated by dividing a person’s weight by their height and then divided by their height again. Below is a list of the four main categories to tell what one’s weight height ratio is:

  • Below 18.5 is considered underweight.

  • 18.5-24.9 A healthy BMI range for most individual’s height.

  • 25-29.9 The person's body might be heavier than healthy for someone of their height.

  • 30 or more Those with a BMI of more than 30 are classified as obese.

Benefits of a Smart Scale:

It has been proven that by measuring one’s weight regularly, and especially tracking their progress, it can inspire people to consistently improve their body’s weight over time. In addition, once patients are connected to their device’s app, they can get an instant track record of their results and what will be needed to achieve a better weight change.

Alongside that, smart scales and smart health devices in general have greatly benefited PCPs, clinics and hospitals as a whole in halting many potential ER visits for patients and are supported via government funding. Chronic diseases make up 90% of the nation’s 4.1 billion dollars in annual health expenditures which includes diabetes and obesity. Using smart scales and the further use of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), health care professionals can quickly and easily track their patients’ weight and give instant feedback on how they could avoid a serious impediment to their health and a costly visit to their PCP.

Lastly, there is a rising surplus of government spending via Medicare/Medicaid for RPM due to its outstanding benefits for the healthcare system. As of now, 29 states have adopted Medicaid coverage for RPM.

Impilo’s Top 5 Picks:

Impilo works tirelessly to provide the most advanced and compatible healthcare devices to patients worldwide which include the following:

Smart Meter iScale Weight Scale (LTE)

Smart Meter iScale Weight Scale (LTE) – $$$

Smart Meter provides you with a modern, sleek and tech savvy weight scale with a user friendly API that connects easily with almost any smartphone, is 30% larger than most scales for more accuracy, and can store up to 100 readings.

Smart Meter iScale Weight Scale (LTE)

BodyTrace Weight Scale (LTE) – $$

A dark and sturdy smart scale that handles up to 397 lb (180kg), is waterproof with an accuracy of +/- 0.2 lb (0.1 kg) and supports almost all major cellular carriers globally.

Zewa Scale (Bluetooth)

Zewa Scale (Bluetooth) – $

A great and affordable choice that includes the essentials of any smart scale such as Step on start Bluetooth, backlit display, BMI and Fat Mass (found on the app). Works with almost all major cellular carriers globally.

iHealth Nexus Wireless Body Composition Scale (Bluetooth)

iHealth Nexus Wireless Body Composition Scale (Bluetooth) – $

Last but not the least, the iHealth Nexus packs many features for its relatively cheap price such as measuring BMI, body fat, body water, lean mass, visceral fat rating, muscle mass, bone mass, and daily calorie intake results. Can track up to 8 unique users, supports up to 400 lb (181 kg), backlit LED lights and supports almost all major cellular carriers globally.

Looking for more? Explore Impilo's device catalog for more smart and analog devices to boost your at-home patient monitoring program.

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