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November Updates

Updated: Feb 9

Custom Packaging- Custom packaging is a great way to elevate your patients' experience. Customization options range from box size/shape, print design, inserts to hold specific devices and more! Ask us today about how to better customize your patient offering.

V3 API docs- you can found find these at!

Struggling with patient engagement? Are your patients not taking readings as frequently as they could or should be? As part of our support offering we include engagement calls. Our support team will reach out and nudge your patients to take their readings so your clinical staff can focus on patient outcomes instead of engagement reminders. Please reach out to your account managers at for more information!

We opened a second location! We have officially opened our second warehousing location in Phoenix, Arizona! If you are already paying a per device per month fee, you are eligible to use this warehouse at no extra charge. If you are not on a plan that includes a per device per month fee please reach out to your account manager for more info!

2024 Webinars- Starting in 2024 we will be hosting webinars on various topics. Our first one is scheduled for January 17! Be on the lookout for more information as we get closer.

We moved!! Our new address is 2275 Bridge Street, Phila PA 19137.

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