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Impilo Webinar Series | Basics of Starting Your Own RPM Program

Updated: Feb 8

We are thrilled to announce the success of our first webinar in the Impilo Webinar titled "Basics of Starting Your Own RPM Program". The session provided a comprehensive guide for those looking to establish Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in their healthcare organizations.

For those who missed the live session, fear not! The webinar recording is available here.

We are grateful to our panel of speakers who shared their expertise, making the event a success:

Josh Stein | Founder & CEO

Dave Sanchirico Jr | Business Development Lead

Brittany Maloney | Chief of Staff

Hailey Minter | Marketing & Demand Generation Lead


Why are RPM Programs so Important?

The webinar talked about how Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) programs play a key role in supporting Impilo's goal of improving healthcare. We discussed how RPM makes it easier for people in rural areas to get healthcare, gets patients more involved, gives quick data for faster help, reduces hospital returns, and saves on healthcare costs.

Key Insights from the Webinar:

Device Selection and Medical Device Logistics:

When starting with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM), think about picking the right devices. Devices like the Body Trace Blood Pressure Monitor are important for keeping an eye on patients. Knowing the details of medical device logistics, like how they connect with Bluetooth, helps make sure they fit well into your program.

Billing Guidelines:

Stay informed about Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) billing guidelines, particularly the essential 9957 CPT code. This knowledge is crucial for effective revenue management in your program.

Emergency Management:

Crafting a plan for managing emergencies and critical readings is crucial. Ensure your clinical staff is trained, and an effective alert system is in place to respond promptly to critical situations.

Selecting a Partner - Buy or Build?:

Make an informed decision on whether to buy or build your program. Consider Impilo's emphasis on efficient operations and patient support when making this choice.


We invite you to join us for our February session. Register for the session HERE.

Questions? Interested in learning more? Contact us:

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