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Impilo Health and Ohio County Healthcare: A Case Study

Updated: Feb 9

Who is Ohio County Healthcare?

Ohio County Healthcare (OCH) is a non-profit Joint Commission accredited health system which provides a wide range of hospital, primary care and specialty physician services. In 2021 OCH launched a remote patient monitoring program and was faced with several challenges regarding device support, patient outreach and logistical support.

How has Impilo provided solutions to OCH?

Impilo has provided Ohio County Healthcare with an infrastructure solution that allows them to work across many different device brands, offer cellular connectivity, and provide a personalized technical support experience to their patients. These solutions, and more, are why a partnership with Impilo Health is so important to the success of your program.

The cost of clinicians managing logistics and technical support on devices is both a financial and manpower drain on providers. By allowing Impilo to handle device management, OCH’s clinicians can direct all of their focus to achieving positive clinical outcomes.

Impilo’s plug-and-play offering also allows the OCH program to expand and scale without overhead costs/concerns. Internally managing a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program has many costs which increase significantly as the program grows. Our RPM logistics and device support help negate these issues before they arise.

OCH began by offering remote monitoring with only bluetooth devices. Impilo provided OCH with education around other options that might be more accessible to their patients. OCH then scaled a multi-connectivity offering between cellular and bluetooth.

Device brands and device types have their own instructions, potential error codes, and unique attributes. Therefore, providing support across brands is tough. Impilo’s tech support service offering allows OCH to offer on-demand personalized support for multiple device brands/types without OCH needing to hire/train their own team.

Here is a video testimonial from Connie Embrey, Wellness RN at Ohio County Healthcare!

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