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Getting Started with Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) with Impilo

Updated: Feb 9

Phase 1: Expressing Interest

In this phase of the onboarding process, we will discuss how our platform and services can adapt to your vision for your business. We offer end-to-end solutions for digital health operations that include third-party logistics, data management, and patient support. Choose between using our Web application or an application platform interface (API) that can be easily integrated with any software for a personalized experience that fits your data needs.

Phase 2: Contracting

Once we have established that our services align with your business goals, we will design a contract to officially onboard you as a customer.

Our pricing consists of two elements: a platform fee and per-device fees. Here is a breakdown of our prices:

  1. Platform fee (billed monthly)

  2. Per device fees

    1. $ per item sent

    2. $ per month for each connected device

  3. Support Fees

    1. Flat Fee for first 100 Patients

    2. $Per Patient Fee

For customers who use our Support service, we have an additional fee billed per patient per month. Since the Support service requires some extra features on our platform, the Platform fee is slightly higher for Support customers.

Additionally, we are happy to sign a Business Associates Agreement (BAA), as we provide a HIPAA-compliant platform.

Phase 3: Customizing your Catalog and Logistics

Next, we will work with you to explore the Impilo catalog and agree on an initial set of devices. We will also engineer a process for device procurement in this phase. We have the flexibility to either procure through a wholesale pricing agreement or receive your devices in our warehouse on a need-by-need basis.

Our logistics offerings include one-time shipments, returns, replacements, loaner devices (and their return), and recurring shipments. We can provide templates or designs for custom boxing, integrate your templates or designs, or stick to more cost-efficient shipping options. We can also include custom instructions and pamphlets in your shipments for specific device types.

After shipment, our Support team can assist patients with both device set-up and maintenance. Our representatives will ensure that your patients learn how to use their devices in addition to troubleshooting any questions that your patients have about their devices. Our ‘Impilo Support’ is our tech support line that we will white-label for your company, intended to efficiently handle returns, replacements, and any loaner programs.

Once this happens, the device data flows into our platform. We can transform the format into a common model so your team only needs to handle one data set.

We can also allow your team to set custom alerts on device data - whether it be clinical or engagement based.

Phase 4: Setting up the Web App or API

Choose between using our Web Application or an API to integrate your data.

If you choose to use an API, we can provide you with links to documentation of our API. The tech team at Impilo also offers initial set-up support and ongoing maintenance for data integration with our API.

You may also select to enroll in our Web application, which allows us to handle operations within the same system. The Web app stores patient device information, inventory, and order reporting.

Phase 5: Check-ins and reporting

Every week at the beginning, we will meet with you to discuss your company’s experience with Impilo. Often, these meetings include conversations about new shipments, new items, supply chain delays, or questions about orders or device alerts.

We will send you monthly billing statements and financial reports to help you easily manage your affairs with your end users, whether they be patients, private practices, or other payers.

If interested - Please reach out to!

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