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Best Home Sleep Study Devices

Updated: Feb 14

At-home Sleep Studies are most often administered for patients diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA).
Home Sleep Apnea Tests (HSATs) can differ from in-patient setups, and selecting the right testing device can make a difference in getting accurate, reliable data from patients.

About Home Sleep Tests

Home sleep studies measure breathing patterns and movement during sleep, rather than sleep itself. These studies must also be prescribed by a doctor, usually if they suspect a patient has sleep apnea.

At-home testing can be less accurate than lab tests, mainly due to the limited nature of the home devices. Home testing doesn't always rule out other sleep disorders but can be a useful tool in getting a diagnosis and supporting digital health programs.

Advantages to At-Home Sleep Testing:

  • Ease of use & convenience - Home Sleep Apnea Tests are the most comfortable choice for patients. Patients sleep in the comfort of their homes, resulting in more natural sleep;

  • Non-Intrusive Setup - At-home testing is a simpler set-up, requiring fewer devices and resources;

  • Save Money - Save on in-patient testing costs, and reuse at-home testing devices with device recycling and rentals.

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Home Sleep Study Devices

Home Sleep Tests often include:

There are a limited number of home sleep study devices on the market. These devices can be difficult to design for accuracy and ease of use, and available devices each work in their own way.

Read below to learn about each device's advantages for your program.

Impilo's Picks


Clinically validated, Comfortable & Accurate design,

PAT signal

Boasting simplicity and reliability, this sleep study device can fit any program. With a pulse oximeter, snoring sensor, and wristwatch it is also one of the more comfortable options.

This device provides a quick turnaround, with a comprehensive report available seconds after study completion. Watchpat 300 guarantees accuracy using the Peripheral Arterial Tone (PAT) signal.


FDA cleared, User-friendly virtual platform, 3 nights of data, No finger probes

ARES devices are another leader in home sleep apnea testing. This device sits on patients' heads with some comfort. This test may be one of the most accurate home tests available and is simple to use. This device gathers more data than some other HSATs and can record up to three nights of data from a single patient.

Watermark Medical also recently released a new model, the ARE

Watermark Medical recently released a new model of this test, the ARES 620 model with a smaller design, digital display, Bluetooth capabilities, and dual SPO2 sensors.


Do you have an at-home sleep study device not listed here? Contact us to get listed on our device catalog ↗


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