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A Conversation on Medical Device Logistics Management with Marley Medical | Impilo Webinar Series

Featuring medical device logistics management experts, COO & Co-Founder of Marley Medical, David Hubanks, and COO of Impilo, Pat Quire.

In a recent webinar, Impilo and Marley Medical engaged in a dynamic discussion about the innovative approaches they are taking in the realm of virtual care and remote patient monitoring (RPM) logistics. The conversation, moderated by our Account Manager, Courtney, offered valuable insights into the challenges faced by healthcare providers and the solutions Impilo and Marley Medical are providing.

Webinar panelist Pat Quire of Impilo and David Hubanks of Marley Medical

Introducing Impilo and Marley Medical

Impilo, an organization enabling virtual care providers to bring remote patient monitoring into the home, showcased their third-party logistics solutions. Marley Medical, represented by David Hubanks, Co-founder and COO, highlighted their focus on chronic disease management, specifically in the cardio-metabolic space.

Key Challenges and Solutions

Pat Quire, COO of Impilo, emphasized the importance of device distribution, connectivity, and patient engagement in RPM programs. He highlighted Impilo's role in streamlining logistics, allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care. Pat stated, "Impilo's logistics expertise has been instrumental in ensuring that our RPM devices reach patients efficiently, leading to improved health outcomes."

Success Stories and Future Outlook

David Hubanks shared a success story where flexibility in utilizing Bluetooth technology helped a rural patient stay connected despite poor cell coverage. David noted, "This case demonstrates the impact of innovative logistics solutions in overcoming geographical barriers and improving patient access to care." Looking ahead, both Marley Medical and Impilo envision a future where RPM programs become more affordable, innovative, and integrated into standard care delivery models.

Advice for Healthcare Providers

Marley Medical advised healthcare providers to carefully consider the logistics challenges of RPM programs and the benefits of partnering with medical device logistics management experts like Impilo. They emphasized the need to focus on patient outcomes and innovation, rather than getting bogged down by logistical complexities. Pat advised, "Healthcare providers should prioritize patient care and outcomes by partnering with logistics experts to handle the complexities of RPM programs."

The webinar highlighted the critical role of logistics management in the success of RPM programs. Impilo and Marley Medical's collaboration exemplifies how strategic partnerships can revolutionize healthcare delivery, making it more efficient, effective, and patient-centered.

The insights shared by Pat, David, and the Impilo team shed light on the exciting future of RPM logistics, promising better care for patients and improved outcomes for healthcare providers. To learn more about their discussion, view the recording of the webinar here.


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