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5 Best Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors 2024

Updated: Mar 7

One of the most demanding challenges in RPM is the absence of a physical contact system between a patient and their primary care provider (PCP). Beyond a sense of comfort and security, regular in-person meetings with a PCP promote stability and supervision within a patient’s wellness plan. But this approach to monitored health is sometimes non-conducive to certain patients, by virtue of their living situation, given condition(s), or a variety of other factors. In such cases, a PCP must identify the areas in need of remote monitoring, and develop a program accordingly. Streamlined connection between patients and PCPs is essential to the success of remote programs. As such, relying on a patient’s ability to accurately and expeditiously report their own vitals is less than ideal. The solution? Smart devices.

Smart devices bridge the gap between a patient and their PCP, allowing for the real-time transmission of data. These devices are the best of both worlds: a patient can rest assured in the comfort of their own home, without sacrificing quality care.

Below, we have listed some of our favorite Smart Blood Pressure Monitors of 2024.

About Smart Blood Pressure Monitors

Both smart and traditional blood pressure monitors play an integral role in hypertensive programs. The value of smart blood pressure monitors lies in their ability to simplify remote patient care with real-time readings. Most devices connect wirelessly using bluetooth or cellular compatibility. Smart blood pressure monitors are also equipped with instruction manuals that help patients set up their devices.

Reading a Smart BP Monitor Display

With most BP Monitors, your vitals are recorded as two different values: systolic and diastolic. According to the American Heart Association, systolic blood pressure (the top value) “indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls when the heart beats,” while diastolic blood pressure (the bottom value) “indicates how much pressure your blood is exerting against your artery walls while the heart is resting between beats.” Both pressure readings are measured in mmHg, millimeters of mercury. Some BP monitors also measure pulse/min and atrial fibrillation.

Another advantage of smart blood pressure monitors is their cost-effectiveness. The cost of these at-home devices, along with the transmission of data, is covered by Medicare RPM codes. Learn more about utilizing RPM codes and reimbursement options here!

If the monitor is connected with Bluetooth, patients can manage and access their readings through associated applications on smartphones or tablets. Data can also be integrated into a patient’s chosen platform. The ease of access is mutual – providers also have the option to view a patient’s data.

Impilo’s Top Picks

Browse our favorite smart blood pressure monitors pulled directly from our catalog. Explore pricing, connectivity, and key features of the lineup.

$$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood pressure, heart rate

Features: Irregular heartbeat indicator, hypertension indicator, wide-range D-ring cuff

A crown jewel of connectivity, the Omron 5 Series Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor offers wireless Bluetooth and Amazon Alexa connection. The device can be synced to the free OMRON Connect app (available for iOS and Android). The display is straightforward and simple, with hypertension and irregular heartbeat indicators. The associated cuff is also designed with patient comfort in mind, making this device one of our favorites!

$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood pressure, heart rate

Features: Color-coded indicators, easy set-up, multi-user memory

Equipped with an intuitive 3-button interface display, the Greater Goods Digital Blood Pressure Monitor offers a cost-effective solution to comprehensive readings. The results are also classified in a color-coded fashion, which makes understanding your vitals simple. The device is powered by batteries, allowing for it to be transported. In addition to the Systolic and Diastolic readings, this device offers heart rate and irregular heartbeat sensors.

$$$ | LTE

Readings: Blood pressure, heart rate

Features: works right out-of-the-box, auto-sync with platform

The BodyTrace Blood Pressure Monitor (LTE) is one of Impilo’s favorites, because of its automatic data upload. The device is designed specifically for RPM and, because of its cellular connection, does not require Bluetooth, WiFI, or an app. The simplicity of this device makes it a great option for older patients or anyone less comfortable with using technology. The included instruction manuals make operating and maintaining the device easy.

$$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood pressure, heart rate

Features: Easy data transfer, Arrhythmia check, two-way charging

A relatively cost-effective option, the Wellue Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor features a large, straightforward interface and LCD display. The device is a great option for patients looking for a simple solution to automatic data-syncing. In addition to blood pressure and heart rate readings, this device has a built-in detector for heartbeat irregularities. Reliable and consistent readings can be measured with a push of a button!

$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood pressure, heart rate

Features: clinically approved by FDA, readings available without app, color-coded indications, automatic Bluetooth syncing

A popular option among those looking for a simple and cost-effective BP monitor, the iHeath Track - Connected Blood BP Monitor, allows patients to record and share systolic, diastolic, and heart rate trends without a complicated procedure. The device’s color-coded readings make evaluation easy and adhere to the WHO’s recommendation. Results are stored digitally in the iOS and Android App (iHealth MyVitals).

Looking for more? Explore Impilo's device catalog for more smart and analog devices to boost your at-home patient monitoring program.

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