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5 Best Smart Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitors

Updated: Feb 15

Elevate your remote patient monitoring or hypertension program with smart, connected upper arm blood pressure monitors. Have device readings automatically transmitted to patients' provider or care team with no hassle. Explore our favorites below.

About Smart Blood Pressure Monitors

Blood Pressure Monitors can now track blood pressure and heart rate from the comfort of a patient's home. There are many options available for professionals and consumers, but not all have connectivity options to sync patient data. Smart devices help you monitor vitals and ensure a patient is on track with digital, real-time readings.

Smart blood pressure monitors can simplify at-home patient care with real-time readings, without the need to text, message, or call to get patient data. Monitors connect wirelessly to help you keep tabs on a patient's care journey, with options for Bluetooth or cellular connectivity. In most cases, once the device is linked patients take readings as instructed and their readings are automatically transmitted or easily sync.

Connected devices can even bridge the gap between in-office visits, making caring for patients easier and more cost-effective. Medicare RPM codes can cover the cost of these at-home blood pressure monitors, reviewing transmitted data, and more. Learn more about maximizing RPM code reimbursement.

Most smart blood pressure monitors on the market connect wirelessly using Bluetooth, with some options for cellular-connected devices. Bluetooth-connected devices often connect using a smartphone or tablet and sync to either the provided app or can be integrated with another healthcare app. Cellular-connected devices make set-up a breeze with automatic data transmission and no device linking necessary. See below for options that might work for you or your program!


Impilo's Top Picks

Browse our favorite smart blood pressure monitors pulled directly from our catalog. Explore pricing, connectivity, and key features of the lineup.

$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

Features: FDA approved, Color-coded readings, One-touch sync

The iHealth Track is an Impilo favorite due to its cost-effectiveness and simplicity for a Bluetooth-connected monitor. Measure blood pressure at a touch of a button, and easily sync readings through a tablet or smartphone app. This device also gives color-coded readings to help patients understand their readings. Unlike many comparable options, this monitor comes in both standard and XL sizes to fit all your patients. Impilo's platform also offers iHealth data integrations for easily accessible, real-time data.

BodyTrace BP Monitor BT104

$$$ | LTE

Readings: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

Features: Easy set-up, Auto-sync with platform

BodyTrace's cellular-enabled blood pressure monitor can increase patient use and program retention with its easy setup and automatic data upload. This device uses LTE cellular connection with no Bluetooth, WiFi connection, or app, needed for data sync, and is one of the only LTE options on the market. This option is great for older patients that may be less comfortable using technology. This device works best for patients in areas with reliable cell coverage.

$$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

Features: Easy data transfer, Arrhythmia check, two-way charging

Wellue's Bluetooth Upper Arm Blood Pressure monitor is a great option with easy data sync and setup. Measure blood pressure with a press of a button, with an option to use the same device for two patients in one household. While similar to iHealth's Track, this option is great for those looking for a reliable and consistent device. Wellue also offers a premium model with an option for EKG readings.

$$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

Features: Designed for telehealth, Irregular heartbeat indicator

Zewa's premium Blood Pressure monitor is Bluetooth-enabled and a great option for telehealth. This device is easy to set up and features an extra-large display with a memory for up to 60 readings. This model also connects through Zew'as free app to sync readings and comes with a lifetime warranty.

$$$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood Pressure, Heart Rate

Features: Irregular Heartbeat indicator, Hypertension indicator, Wide-range D-ring cuff

The Omron brand is one of the largest and most trusted consumer-accessible brands for blood pressure monitors and more. Omron's 5 Series wireless blood pressure monitor is comparable to the Bluetooth options listed above, and also connects with Amazon Alexa. This device features easy setup and an app for data sync, as well as indicators of cardiac health for patients. This model also has a wide-range cuff to fit most patients.


Looking for more? Explore Impilo's device catalog for more smart and analog devices to boost your at-home patient monitoring program.

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