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5 Best Non-Continuous Smart Glucometers 2024

Updated: Feb 6

Connect patients seamlessly with the best LTE and Bluetooth non-continuous glucometers for remote patient monitoring. Monitor patients' blood glucose levels from the comfort of their homes with ease.

About Glucometers

With smart LTE devices, patient data is automatically transmitted from the device to your EHR/EMR via a cellular connection. Bluetooth devices transmit patient data via an app on the patient's phone or tablet.

Blood Glucose Meters, or glucometers, monitor patients' blood glucose levels on a routine basis. Patients that are at risk for or have Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes often require regular use of a glucometer. With at-home glucometers, many patients can effectively manage their diabetes. However, it can sometimes be a hassle for providers to obtain that clinical data - this is where smart glucometers can help providers bill for RPM CPT codes effectively.

With smart glucometers, patients' data is automatically transmitted to their doctor fast and efficiently. This enables providers to take preventative and quick action when needed, ultimately leading to better clinical outcomes for patients.

LTE vs. Bluetooth Any smart, connected glucometer can transmit data to a provider. LTE devices tend to have simpler patient experiences but do cost more. Each device connects to cell towers using its own SIM card, no linking, syncing, Bluetooth or WiFi connection is required. LTE devices are a great option for older, more rural, or less tech-savvy patients.

Continuous vs. Non-Continuous

Non-continuous glucometers are stand-alone devices that patients use to measure their blood glucose levels as instructed. Continuous glucometers use an internal or external implant to take regular, automatic blood glucose readings and transmit readings via a secondary device. Unlike non-continuous glucometers, continuous glucometers require a prescription and specialized purchasing, and have fewer LTE options.

Selecting the Best

When choosing the glucometer for your program, take into account price vs. quality, connectivity types, and data integrations.

LTE glucometers sit in a higher price range than their Bluetooth counterparts. However, when it comes to program and CPT code adherence we have found LTE devices to be more successful long term. LTE devices may cost more but are often durable enough to be reused across patients. Learn more about Impilo's device rentals > You can still build your program on Bluetooth devices, especially if price is a concern. Investing in a good glucometer for your patients can increase your CPT code billing rates and ultimately produce better clinical outcomes for your patients. With more data adherence, providers can respond faster to patient needs and provide more preventative care.

Check out our favorite non-continuous glucometers ⬇️


Impilo's Top Picks

Browse our favorite glucometers pulled directly from our catalog, where you can explore pricing options and key features of the lineup.

$$$ | LTE

Readings: Blood Glucose

Features: FDA approved, Easy set-up, Accurate and reliable, View trends and graphs right on the device

Biotel’s cellular-enabled blood glucose monitor is an accurate and reliable option with its near-real-time data transmission. It’s really easy to start using, because it doesn’t require any Wifi or Bluetooth connectivity, nor an app to be used properly. Its simple design and color touchscreen makes it user friendly and there’s no doubt it is one of the best

$$$ | LTE + app

Readings: Blood Glucose

Features: Easy set-up, reliable communication

iGlucose simplifies diabetes management as it is a really easy to use and set-up option. The immediate cellular transmission of blood glucose readings eliminates the need for pairing with devices or downloading the results. The ease of sharing real-time data keeps those with diabetes and their Circle of Care informed, empowered, and engaged because with the help of an app it keeps informed and can even set reminders to those involved in the caring of the patient. And the best part is that you can get unlimited test strips with their Smart Start Program. Definitely a must-see!

$$ | LTE

Readings: Blood Glucose

Features: 4G connectivity, easy set-up, easy to use

The Bioland blood glucose monitor is the most cost-effective and easy-to-use 4G device on the market, as it combines the traditional testing kit with multiple components into one meter that has cellular 4G technology. This device is durable, reliable, user-friendly, and accurate. Nothing is worse than getting a complicated glucose meter that has a hard-to-use interface. The ability to fit the monitor easily into your pocket is also critical for patients who are always on the go.

$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: Blood Glucose

Features: FDA approved, simple display, iHealth app

The iHealth glucometer uses Bluetooth connectivity and connects via the iHealth app or your program's app. With the iHealth app, you can view detailed charts, allowing you to take a look at the bigger picture of your well-being. This device is also one of the most affordable, coming in at nearly half the price of an LTE glucometer.

Contour Next Glucometer

$ | Bluetooth

Readings: Blood Glucose

Features: Easy to use, easy set-up

The Contour Next glucometer is an easy-to-use monitor. It also comes with Second Chance sampling which allows a patient to apply more blood, limiting the wasting of test strips. It’s the easiest device to use on this list and it doesn’t require any external monitoring as everything is done within the device. That would also count as a disadvantage, but you can optionally download the Contour Diabetes app to add more functionality. Explore other glucometer options from Contour on their site.


Looking for more? Explore Impilo's device catalog for more smart and analog devices to boost your at-home patient monitoring program.

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