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4 Devices to Add to Your Remote Diabetes Monitoring Program in 2024

Updated: Feb 6

In the ever-evolving landscape of diabetes management, leveraging remote devices has become paramount for personalized care in remote patient monitoring programs. Choosing the right tools for your remote diabetes program is crucial in empowering your patients to actively monitor their health while enabling your clinical team to offer timely, tailored interventions. From continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) and smart insulin pens to innovative apps and telemedicine platforms, selecting the best devices forms the cornerstone of an effective remote diabetes management strategy. Below, explore and learn about some of the top devices available, reviewing insights into their functionalities and benefits for optimizing diabetes care in remote settings.

  1. The Smart Meter iGlucose Blood Glucose Monitoring System

The iGlucose Monitoring System by Smart Meter delivers fast, accurate blood glucose readings with advanced Bluetooth or cellular connectivity options for seamless mobile app integration and data sharing capabilities. At Impilo, we are integrated with the iGlucose. Once your patients take a reading, the results can appear in your EHR system within minutes.  With its compact, sleek design and easy auto-coding, this Smart Meter device removes the hassle and enhances insights for smart diabetes management.

2. Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

The Dexcom G7 is a revolutionary integrated continuous glucose monitoring system offering real-time glucose readings sent automatically to compatible smart devices without fingersticks or scanning required. With its extended 10-day wear and high accuracy, the waterproof, discreet G7 CGM brings convenience and comprehensive insights for confident diabetes management day and night.

3. Withings Body Pro 2

The Withings Body Pro 2 is a wifi-connected smart scale providing comprehensive health insights including weight trends, BMI, body fat/water percentage, heart rate, and nerve activity. With its sleek glass design, accompanying Health Mate app, Apple Health/Fitbit integration, and clinically validated accuracy, the Body Pro 2 empowers whole body tracking for precision health. This device is a well-rounded addition to any remote diabetes monitoring program.

4. Smart Insulin Pens

A smart insulin pen is an innovative medical device designed to assist individuals with diabetes in managing their insulin doses more effectively. Integrated with technology, these pens often connect to mobile applications, enabling users to track insulin intake, monitor glucose levels, and receive personalized dosage recommendations. By offering convenience and real-time data, smart insulin pens aim to enhance diabetes management and improve overall patient outcomes.

In conclusion, the array of devices available for integrating into remote diabetes monitoring programs presents an unprecedented opportunity for personalized and proactive care. By carefully selecting and incorporating these innovative tools—ranging from continuous glucose monitors and smart insulin pens to telemedicine platforms and mobile apps— watch your patients gain greater control over their health while your clinical team delivers more precise and timely interventions. Embracing these devices not only empowers individuals in managing their condition but also fosters a collaborative and dynamic approach between patients and their healthcare professionals, ultimately enhancing the quality of diabetes care and improving overall health outcomes.

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