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4 Best Smart Pulse Oximeters in 2024

Updated: Feb 14

Simplify your remote patient monitoring with smart, connected pulse oximeters. These devices help you and your patients stay connected with patient pulse rate and blood oximetry readings easily transmitted to providers or care teams. Learn below about our favorites.

About Smart Pulse Oximeters

Pulse oximeters can now track pulse and blood oximetry from the comfort of a patient's home. Monitor vitals and ensure a patient is on track with digital and real-time readings. Simplify at-home patient care with smart pulse oximeters.

Oximeters connect wirelessly to help you keep tabs on a patient's care journey, with patient data automatically or easily sent to care teams. In most cases, once the device is linked patients take readings as instructed and their readings are automatically transmitted. No more texting, messaging or calling every time patients to record a reading.

Connected devices can even bridge the gap between in-office visits, making caring for patients easier and more cost-effective. Medicare RPM codes can cover the cost of these at-home devices, reviewing transmitted data, and more. Learn more about maximizing RPM code reimbursement.

Most smart pulse oximeters on the market connect wirelessly using Bluetooth. Bluetooth-connected devices often connect to a smartphone or tablet, then sync to either the device or healthcare system app. This can help streamline care and lessen stress on patients enrolled in at-home monitoring programs. Learn more about our favorite smart pulse oximeters below.


Impilo's Top Picks

Browse our favorite smart pulse oximeters pulled directly from our catalog. Below explore pricing, connectivity, and key features of the lineup.

Wellue Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

Wellue Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: SpO2, Perfusion Index, Pulse Rate Features: FDA approved, Alarm for abnormal readings Using Wellue's Bluetooth pulse oximeter is as easy as clip, measure, and sync. This device also seamlessly tracks readings on your phone through the Wellue app. Patients can also benefit from included alarm alerts about abnormal readings. This model comes in two colors and showcases readings live on a digital display on the device.

Zewa Bluetooth Pulse Ox

$$ | Bluetooth + App Readings: SpO2, Pulse Rate Features: Carrying Case & Lanyard, Data viewing in-app or with integrations

To get readings from Zewa's Bluetooth Pulse Ox, just insert your finger, and readings sync automatically with the Zewa smartphone app. In the app, patients can view their data, see trends to help them stay engaged with monitoring. The included carrying case and lanyard make this device one of the most portable smart pulse oximeters around.

Oxiline Pulse X Pro

$$$ | Bluetooth + App

Readings: SpO2, Perfusion Index, Pulse Rate Features: FDA clearance, Data viewing in-app Oxiline's Puse X Pro is a sleek and durable pulse oximeter connects seamlessly to an Apple or Android app to keep track of your results right on your phone. The app also graphs your data and reminds you when it is time to take another reading. This model may be more expensive than others but its durability and streamlined appearance make this a valuable option.

ChoiceMMed Professional Bluetooth Fingertip Pulse Oximeter MD300CI218

$$$ | Bluetooth

Readings: SpO2, Perfusion Index, Pulse Rate Features: FDA certified, Durability tested & built for reliability ChoiceMMed's professional-grade and Bluetooth-enabled pulse oximeter is built for durability and reliability. This version is great for patient programs that want to save costs by reusing devices across patients using Impilo's refurbish and redeploy services. Unlike many of the other digital pulse oximeters listed, this model can also be used for adults, children, and infants.


Looking for more? Explore Impilo's device catalog for more smart and analog devices to boost your at-home patient monitoring program.


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